Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Return from beyond Texas - A Prelude to Civil War

Okay, I haven't posted anything in just over four years. Why? you might ask. Because opining in written form is hard work. Once committed to a document with any kind of permanence, critics and nitpickers crawl out of the woodwork with factual corrections. If any such essay survives this ghastly process, it is then put on trial by history, as predictions, no matter how beautifully surmised, are ruthlessly slaughtered by factors which seemed trivial when the prediction was written. Posting takes a huge emotional effort, and I haven't felt that need for it in years. And yet, here I am again.

In my prolonged vacation, I've been hospitalized in critical condition for something I insisted was trivial up until the last minute. Don't wanna talk about it. If you're curious, just assume it was an STD from straight sex. With a supermodel. I've also moved out of what was my adopted home state of Texas back to my disgruntled and snappish previous home state of Arizona. (Shh! We don't get along too well!)

If you're wondering about the title, God bless you!! But it's there for a reason. The president has made statements recently saying that as the Chief Executive, he has the authority, "the phone and the pen" to enact de facto law at his desk in the Oval Office. Senator Feinstein has stated that the First Amendment "was intended for educated Americans", not bloggers without a degree in political science or law, that they should expect jail time for speaking ill of the federal government, its employees, political appointees, or its elected officials. Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona has stated that only "gun control" can stop the types of violence such as the [insert latest mass shooting here]. In other words, the Constitution is under attack by members of the government. They are seeking to throw off the shackles of Constitutional restraint of their actions. Christians are increasingly in the federal crosshairs, as are family businesses, property owners, and gun owners. It is not beyond possibility that America could reach a boiling point leading to civil war. This isn't an original thought on my part. In fact, this post is a direct result of a Facebook post from Jay Rowell of today, May 28, 2014.

And so, having already bemoaned the prediction process and its ego murdering aftermath, I will nonetheless indulge in it anyway! Masochist me, huh? Based on my study of history (what little I have access to) it will go something like this:

  • 1. There will be a suspiciously successful general election which sees far more Democrats and RINOs elected and reelected than could possibly be accounted for in the polls.
  • 2. tensions will rise as more and more incidents involving the use of excessive force against Americans by federal agencies, such as the IRS, BATFE, BLM, TSA, and dozens of others begin to pile up bodies. But wars don't begin by stacking hay. Wars begin by a "last straw" breaking the back of reason and restraint.
  • 3. There will be a single act of war in which it can no longer be denied by any reasonable person that a state of war exists by dint of numerous attacks upon citizens due to their religion, race, means of employment, or political ideology.
  • 3.a. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if, in this "last straw event", many children were included on the casualty list.
  • 4. The immediate response by the federal government will be, "Proper procedures were followed, and an investigation will be conducted as soon as all the facts are in. And besides, the dead people brought it on themselves!"
  • 4.a. The federal government will "impose order" by severely limiting Bill of Amendment rights.
  • 5. This one horrible event will shock the nation into factionalizing. Pro-government? Or anti?
  • 5.a. Given the love Liberals have for government, and the outright hatred they so often display for Christians, conservatives, Libertarians, and, frankly, those of European ancestry, the Left, the Democrat Party, the Liberals, will become the "brown shirts". They will be armed and equipped, and eager to teach the "Rednecks" a lesson.
  • 5.b. The TEA party movement will be the focal point of the sedition side. Not the Republican Party. There are too many GOP officials who won't risk their power, prestige, and wealth in opposing even the most despotic of regimes. Even the most popular and consistently Conservative of Repubs will be too compromised by having been in politics to lead a rebellion.
  • 5.c. The states will be forced into a faction, some kicking and screaming, such as New Mexico and Colorado. The "blue states" will start making lists of "suspicious persons", those who own firearms, vote Repub, or have posted anti-Obama comments on Facebook. During one of the following points, those persons will be arrested without warrant and held without trial. Possibly executed.
  • 6. As Americans take to the streets to protest, the federal government forces will ruthlessly suppress it, leading to more deaths than the original 3.-event.
  • 7. In no particular order,
  • 7.a. the Federal government will announce a "curfew" and limitations on public speech and the press, with violators subject to deadly force; and
  • 7.b. a revolution movement will explode into existence organization and action. One will happen, and the other will follow.
  • 8. There will be
  • 8.a. a harsh response towards "agitators, aggressors, and seditionists" from the federal government. Not like an angry lecture. More like killing an entire town in the heart of the "Red States";
  • 8.b. followed by an angry response to the 8.a. "attack", a loss of federal agents lives in numbers unseen since...ever. At that point, it's war.

    Perhaps I'm off on some of these points. Perhaps way off. Perhaps totally wrong on all counts. In fact, I hope so. I hope reason and restraint prevail. I hope there is never an innocent victim of federal zeal, much less, God forbid, children! If all this comes off as I've outlined, it means tens of thousands dead in a matter of days. If there is not a decisive victory in short order, there will be millions of dead Americans on both sides. I have a wife and two children. I have a mother I would defend to the death. Oh, I have friends I would be honored to fight alongside, but they also have spouses and children. No civil war is ever a victory. Sometimes the just and righteous prevail, sometimes not. And sometimes, despite the outcome, tyranny creeps in and takes over.

    It makes no difference to the dead, or their families, or their loved ones, who is to blame.