Monday, January 21, 2008

Governments Living on Glass Planets...

I've seen a few recent news articles about downtrends in international financial markets as a response to recent US stock market plunges and poor fiscal outlook. Dropping dollar vs. euro stories are old news, except to gloat new record dollar devaluations, or rising trade influx from abroad seeking bargains in depressed American economic sectors. In short, the economy sucks in the US, and foreigners are jumping in to take advantage of it.

The thing is, everything is connected. I'm no economist, and I don't understand why the dollar started falling to begin with. I mean, the root cause. Perhaps a slowing nationwide housing market has had something to do with it. Or maybe across-the-board rising costs due to rising crude oil prices are causing industry to either raise prices (reducing demand) or take a loss (reducing money supply). Regardless, worldwide America-haters have been chortling in glee. Clearly, to them, the cost of immoral leadership and imperialist meddling is the flagging economy we are currently enduring. I do not know. The fact is, our economy is having a rough spot, and people around the world love that. Or did.

The thing is, the US is not merely the tyrannical giant they imagine us to be. Tyrants don't bother paying. They take, and those who don't go along, suffer. Really, the US is the hottest market on the planet. When that market pulls back, merchants take a hit. Those merchants are the governments and people of the world.

What we have now is a temporary market shift. We've had them in the past, and they usually straighten out fairly quickly. When they don't we end up with a recession, or even a depression. The rest of the world may think that's funny, but the laughing has just stopped.

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