Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hail, Barak Caesar!

All my posts are my own Humble Opinions. This is just a warning that this post is more Opinion than commentary.

President Obama enjoyed a historic rise to power. From "community organizing" to state level government, to a Senate seat, and then the White House. No one remembers the political enemies whose wreckage was strewn in his wake, however. No moral or legal considerations prevented Obama's teams from furthering his career. If Jim Ryan was going through a difficult divorce, and his ex-wife accused him of lewd conduct, it didn't matter if the court records were sealed, and a child might suffer, it came out! The point is, his historic rise to power came at a cost that many others paid.

Now he sits at the apex of the United States government. He can dictate a memo, sign a hardcopy, and millions of people will be affected. Executive orders are notoriously difficult to balance. It takes a majority of the Supreme Court, or a supermajority of the Senate. Neither is likely to happen unless Obama is caught being tyrannical. Look at the recent Statue of Liberty "photo op" fly-by. No paper trail leads to Obama. His team made the call and takes the blame, even if it was President Obama's own idea. That's power.

Recently, the president announced both the Chrysler bankruptcy, and then the Chrysler-Fiat merger. He sees no conflict in an elected executive announcing the actions of a corporation. It is his divine right. He is a god-king. He remembers those who anger him, and deals with them. He rewards those who sing his praise. Anyone who speaks ill of him pays a price.

The rights and freedoms we enjoy as American citizens are daily encroached upon by his Praetorian guard. Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton all do his bidding, and sound oddly alike. Biden is usually off-key, but when was he not?

Bear in mind that even the most despotic of the Roman Empire's caesars were very popular. They held circuses more frequently as life got harder for Romans, and tossed bread to the audiences when the economy soured, or the caesar emptied the treasury. Hence the phrase "Bread and circuses" as a means to mollify the masses.

Those masses worshipped the caesar as a god. The caesar demanded it as his due. Other gods were allowed, as long as the proper ceremony and sacrifices were made to Caesar. Christians defied Nero. Lions ate Christians.

Oh, perhaps Obama won't kill those who fail to worship him properly. But he has the power to destroy lives. It's been 100 days. The honeymoon is over. The price for defying Barak Caesar will come due soon, and his Praetorians will collect brutally.

This is all just my Humble Opinion. Maybe he will be a benevolent ruler. But right now, I'm kinda glad I'm a nobody.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sorry, New York, He's New!

The whole "photo op" thing, where the backup Air Force One and a F-16 buzzed the Statue of Liberty, sending Manhattan folks running into the streets in terror that 9-11 was being repeated, all that was just a misunderstanding. President Obama is really sorry, and it won't happen again.

And that $320,000 pricetag, on top of the hundreds of millions lost by panicky traders, that's just awful, says Obama. He'll look into it. Promise.

Is it even worth mentioning my Humble skepticism?

My Humble guess is, Rahm Emanuel, in his role as Chief of Staff, suggested updating all that Bush era publicity material. Coming as it did from the god-king's head priest, no one was about to say, "Gee, your holiness, won't that cause widespread panic and mayhem?" Louis Caldera, the White House Military Office chief nervously signed off on it. No need to tell him that if it blew up, he was going to "take one for the team". In statements to the press, Caldera is quoted as having "approved" the fly-by. This is HOT! Caldera used code for "it was my superiors poor judgment to do this. I was just the unlucky bastard who had to sign the order." Who actually requested the fly-by that Caldera approved? We'll never know. Caldera is taking one for the team.

Caldera is an interesting case. He's a West Point grad and a lawyer. He has to be as smart as they come. Obama, lacking executive experience must surround himself with experts. Right? Yet this particular expert has been tossed under the bus. His service to this country in the armed forces has been essentially thrown out the window because of this blunder.

So, all in all, sorry, New York. Sorry thousands of terrified financial district workers. Sorry, tourists. Messina is looking into how it ever could have happened.

What a load of crap.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Terrorism Enables, Justifies More Terrorism

Governments and dictators throughout history have used the violence of their opponents to justify the tightening of their grip on their own people. Call it the Reichstag effect. My Humble study of history is admittedly weak, so I may have a detail or two wrong, here. Hitler's opponents were blamed for torching the Reichstag, the German equivalent of Parliament or Capitol Hill. He used this act to justify expanding his powers, and weakening the rights of the German people. By my definition, this made Hitler a terrorist.

Gun haters continuously make obscene statements about those who want to preserve their gun rights. In 1981, an emotionally disturbed loser took shots at President Reagan. One of his shots went wide and struck Jim Brady, nearly killing him. He and his wife used their status as victims to justify a campaign to, in essence, repeal the Second Amendment. Now, they fuel the hatred of gun owners.

And today, I see anti-Semitic people using every Palestinian victim of Israel's self-protection as a justification for allowing another Holocaust. Ahmadinejad once again condemned Israel today, calling the entire nation "racist". For a would-be nuclear power, this is a chilling stance to take. This is the rise of a genocidal movement in progress. More chilling, many anti-Semites are thrilled about the looming threat of mushroom clouds over Israel.

The hatred of anti-Semites gives them strength, motivation, determination, and, as far as they are concerned, all the justification they need to wipe out a million or so people. Yet, that diseased toad, Vice President Joe Biden, has the gall to tell Israel that they would be "ill-advised" to use military force to defend themselves.

This administration has been hailed as historic due to the ancestry of the President. I Humbly suggest that this administration is historic due to its incredible lack of testicular tissue. After millions die in Israel, I'm sure Obama will write a sternly worded protest to the UN Security Council.

My applause to those delegates who walked out on Ahmadinejad's rant. That took some guts which Obama lacks. Let's pray he grows a pair before a world war starts.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a Suspect, I Guess

In my profile, I proudly state that I am a veteran. I cannot and do not claim to be a veteran with combat experience. I've never been within 3000 miles of "action", never been under arms other than firearms familiarization in basic training, and never once put my "life on the line" for my country. I can claim that, having enlisted, I signed up for whatever my country and my service asked of me.

There are millions of veterans of whom was asked the endangerment of their lives, loss of body parts, and even their lives. Now, the Obama administration has made a point of asking more of them. The injured were being considered for a program where they would pay for their own treatment. Fortunately, the Obama administration realized the political cost would be too high, and scrapped that little fund-raiser idea. Now, the Secretary of Homeland Defense, (former governor of my state) Janet Napolitano, signed off on a report to local law enforcement saying that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were ripe for recruitment by "right wing extremist" groups.

Some people actually fail to see the harm in this. "If they are the most likely to commit violent acts, they should be watched!" was on actual comment I read on the Fox News site. It seems obvious to me that calling groups who have differing ideology from that of the reigning administration and majority parties in both the House and Senate, is a slippery slope which may lead to suppression of free speech, even up to political imprisonment.

Napolitano graciously admitted that she really ought to apologize (someday maybe), and will meet with the leaders of veterans groups. Nevertheless, she signed off on that report to law enforcement, remember? Saying local police and sheriffs were smart to target returning combat veterans, right wing extremists, and "pro-life" radicals. Is it just me, or do left wing extremists tend to view even moderate right wing positions as "extreme"? And is it not just barely possible that the words "returning" and "from Irag and Afghanistan" could be left out of the "people to watch" profile?

I'm a former long-haul trucker. A couple of weeks ago the FBI reported that most unsolved crimes on or near highways are probably committed by truckers.

In the recent reporting of the tragic murder in Tracy, California, whose main suspect is a woman, the reporter pointed out that most murders are committed by men.

I oppose casual termination of pregnancies where other options exist, and the mothers life (NOT lifestyle!) is at risk.

I keep guns, and enjoy target shooting.

According to the Obama administration, all this makes me a suspect.

This nation is in peril, alright. And the source of that peril is the one pointing the finger.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey, Ruth! C'mon!!

I Humbly find those two words to be the most irritating of arguments: C'mon! It's a synonym for "No intelligent person could possibly disagree with me." Should we not register guns? C'mon! Should taxpayer money not go towards college educations for the disadvantaged? C'mon! Shouldn't all medical care be administered by the federal government? C'mon! Shouldn't tobacco be flat-out banned? C'mon! Shouldn't Constitutional rights be limited whereever there exists a potential for abuse? C'mon! You're a fool and a jerk if you disagree with the C'mon argument.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg used essentially just this argument, recently. She referred to an argument from an Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice, Aharon Barak, to wit, "Torture? Never." C'mon! Nope, no legal discussion necessary. No careful reasoning, no thought, just the raw emotion of that passionate appeal. Torture prisoners even under the most dire of circumstances? C'mon!

Ordinary people saying, "C'mon!" are signalling a closed mind. They clearly have a prejudice. They have decided, and YOU are the fool if you do not, upon hearing those two words, agree with them. Ordinary people do not have the extraordinary power of Supreme Court justices.

Justice Ginsberg, responding to a question about citing foreign law, said, essentially, "C'mon!" Yeah, of course the Supreme Court should hear citations of foreign law. Oh, she stated arguments that, early in this nation's history, foreign law was commonly cited. She appealed to the desire for status and popularity within the world community, saying Canada was cited more in foreign courts then we are! I try hard not to use profanity, but this kind of high-school argument has me biting my Humble tongue. The framers of the Constitution should have foreseen this idiocy, and put in a clause saying, "Whereas other nations upon this earth shall find it agreeable to jump off a cliff, the Supreme Court shall not do so."

Okay, not every issue facing the Supreme Court was considered by the Constitution. What remains is for the Supreme Courts to do what we pay them to do: decide the law. Are the actions of the other two branches of the federal government allowed by the Constitution? That's ALL.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Come Out and Say It! Let Israel Die! Part 2

You know, when I said "just come out and say it: Let Israel Die," in response to Secretary Clinton's bizarre comments about who caused the Gaza violence, I really wasn't expecting the Obama administration to step up and do it! They did it!

Vice President Joe Biden, that silver-tongued devil who teamed up with Barak H. Obama, decided to threaten Israel if they even thought about attacking Iran. He said "I think he would be ill-advised to do that" when asked about Prime Minister Netanyahu's possible option of attacking Iran if threats of nuclear weaponry are sufficiently realized.

Biden essentially said, "You can't do anything just because they're getting a gun, and have said they want to kill you. You have to wait until after they do kill you." The idea that hundreds of thousands men, women, and children, whose only offense is to be alive and living in the middle east, would die, that's not enough of a threat to Biden.

I am disgusted. I am nauseated. Vice President Biden, you are a traitor to the human race. Your kind allowed Hitler to kill twelve million or more people. Your kind allowed the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in Rwanda. You, sir, are a vile, pathetic, useless stain on this nation. Some portion of every life lost in an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel will be YOUR fault. You are giving aid and comfort to enemies of mankind, enemies of peace, and enemies of justice.

I wish I could tell this to the Veep's face. I wish I could get the press to hear me tell the people of Israel that this is NOT our leader. This is just a gutless piece of crap who managed to get on the winning team. I wish I could tell Ahmadinejad to his face that any more terrorism out of his country, regardless of who the victim is, will result in a "regime change" in his own country. I wish I were still young and fit enough to run with a rifle and a pack into action, and defend my ideals, and the best ideals of the United States, with my life on the line. I'm nobody, though. This isn't false Humility. It's just the way it is.

If mushroom clouds form over Israel, Biden, you may see a lot of "nobodies" stand up and do something about it. And you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sorry, U.K.! He's New.

Here in the States (probably works the same everywhere) whenever you receive utterly, horrendously, egregiously bad service, the purveyor is usually new at the job. A humble, "Sorry. I'm new," is usually all it takes to explain the situation. Quite often, an experienced coworker cleans up the mess, and deals with the problem. It's all just part of learning the ropes.

Of course, when a newbie can't seem to get the hang of it, they are usually invited to find other employment.

Our new president is entirely inexperienced at international politics. When, for example, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom comes to visit, the President usually does a few things to show a warm official welcome to a major ally. President Obama handed back the Churchill bust, and gave Brown a classic movie boxed DVD set...that didn't work. And now, on his first official state visit to Britain, he presents the queen iPod. Oh, it was an iPod worthy of a queen. It had 40 Broadway musical showtunes on it. Perhaps Andrew will like it.

Okay, GB, so our newly elected president seems to be a blithering idiot when it comes to showing courtesy to major allies. The thing is, he wasn't hired on a probationary basis. We can't just kick him out. We'll have another election in three and a half years, and if he hasn't improved by then, well...honestly, the Democrat party will find some new scandal to blame on Republicans, causing the majority of us to forget the last three and a half years. It's called "wag the dog" and it worked great for Clinton. Short of declaring war on England, Obama has a pretty secure job.

Don't be too critical of the U.S. as a whole, though. During the November election, we heard a lot of adulation for Obama coming from your side of the pond! So, how do you like him now???

Most of the people in the U.S. feel warmly about the U.K. We have always enjoyed our relationship with you since we got that "colony" thing sorted. It's ancient history. Almost anyone else, in this country, would have gotten Brown and QE2 far better gifts than cheap electronic crap.

Perhaps a nice pen.