Monday, April 20, 2009

Terrorism Enables, Justifies More Terrorism

Governments and dictators throughout history have used the violence of their opponents to justify the tightening of their grip on their own people. Call it the Reichstag effect. My Humble study of history is admittedly weak, so I may have a detail or two wrong, here. Hitler's opponents were blamed for torching the Reichstag, the German equivalent of Parliament or Capitol Hill. He used this act to justify expanding his powers, and weakening the rights of the German people. By my definition, this made Hitler a terrorist.

Gun haters continuously make obscene statements about those who want to preserve their gun rights. In 1981, an emotionally disturbed loser took shots at President Reagan. One of his shots went wide and struck Jim Brady, nearly killing him. He and his wife used their status as victims to justify a campaign to, in essence, repeal the Second Amendment. Now, they fuel the hatred of gun owners.

And today, I see anti-Semitic people using every Palestinian victim of Israel's self-protection as a justification for allowing another Holocaust. Ahmadinejad once again condemned Israel today, calling the entire nation "racist". For a would-be nuclear power, this is a chilling stance to take. This is the rise of a genocidal movement in progress. More chilling, many anti-Semites are thrilled about the looming threat of mushroom clouds over Israel.

The hatred of anti-Semites gives them strength, motivation, determination, and, as far as they are concerned, all the justification they need to wipe out a million or so people. Yet, that diseased toad, Vice President Joe Biden, has the gall to tell Israel that they would be "ill-advised" to use military force to defend themselves.

This administration has been hailed as historic due to the ancestry of the President. I Humbly suggest that this administration is historic due to its incredible lack of testicular tissue. After millions die in Israel, I'm sure Obama will write a sternly worded protest to the UN Security Council.

My applause to those delegates who walked out on Ahmadinejad's rant. That took some guts which Obama lacks. Let's pray he grows a pair before a world war starts.