Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Come Out and Say It! Let Israel Die! Part 2

You know, when I said "just come out and say it: Let Israel Die," in response to Secretary Clinton's bizarre comments about who caused the Gaza violence, I really wasn't expecting the Obama administration to step up and do it! They did it!

Vice President Joe Biden, that silver-tongued devil who teamed up with Barak H. Obama, decided to threaten Israel if they even thought about attacking Iran. He said "I think he would be ill-advised to do that" when asked about Prime Minister Netanyahu's possible option of attacking Iran if threats of nuclear weaponry are sufficiently realized.

Biden essentially said, "You can't do anything just because they're getting a gun, and have said they want to kill you. You have to wait until after they do kill you." The idea that hundreds of thousands men, women, and children, whose only offense is to be alive and living in the middle east, would die, that's not enough of a threat to Biden.

I am disgusted. I am nauseated. Vice President Biden, you are a traitor to the human race. Your kind allowed Hitler to kill twelve million or more people. Your kind allowed the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in Rwanda. You, sir, are a vile, pathetic, useless stain on this nation. Some portion of every life lost in an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel will be YOUR fault. You are giving aid and comfort to enemies of mankind, enemies of peace, and enemies of justice.

I wish I could tell this to the Veep's face. I wish I could get the press to hear me tell the people of Israel that this is NOT our leader. This is just a gutless piece of crap who managed to get on the winning team. I wish I could tell Ahmadinejad to his face that any more terrorism out of his country, regardless of who the victim is, will result in a "regime change" in his own country. I wish I were still young and fit enough to run with a rifle and a pack into action, and defend my ideals, and the best ideals of the United States, with my life on the line. I'm nobody, though. This isn't false Humility. It's just the way it is.

If mushroom clouds form over Israel, Biden, you may see a lot of "nobodies" stand up and do something about it. And you.

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