Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hail, Barak Caesar!

All my posts are my own Humble Opinions. This is just a warning that this post is more Opinion than commentary.

President Obama enjoyed a historic rise to power. From "community organizing" to state level government, to a Senate seat, and then the White House. No one remembers the political enemies whose wreckage was strewn in his wake, however. No moral or legal considerations prevented Obama's teams from furthering his career. If Jim Ryan was going through a difficult divorce, and his ex-wife accused him of lewd conduct, it didn't matter if the court records were sealed, and a child might suffer, it came out! The point is, his historic rise to power came at a cost that many others paid.

Now he sits at the apex of the United States government. He can dictate a memo, sign a hardcopy, and millions of people will be affected. Executive orders are notoriously difficult to balance. It takes a majority of the Supreme Court, or a supermajority of the Senate. Neither is likely to happen unless Obama is caught being tyrannical. Look at the recent Statue of Liberty "photo op" fly-by. No paper trail leads to Obama. His team made the call and takes the blame, even if it was President Obama's own idea. That's power.

Recently, the president announced both the Chrysler bankruptcy, and then the Chrysler-Fiat merger. He sees no conflict in an elected executive announcing the actions of a corporation. It is his divine right. He is a god-king. He remembers those who anger him, and deals with them. He rewards those who sing his praise. Anyone who speaks ill of him pays a price.

The rights and freedoms we enjoy as American citizens are daily encroached upon by his Praetorian guard. Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton all do his bidding, and sound oddly alike. Biden is usually off-key, but when was he not?

Bear in mind that even the most despotic of the Roman Empire's caesars were very popular. They held circuses more frequently as life got harder for Romans, and tossed bread to the audiences when the economy soured, or the caesar emptied the treasury. Hence the phrase "Bread and circuses" as a means to mollify the masses.

Those masses worshipped the caesar as a god. The caesar demanded it as his due. Other gods were allowed, as long as the proper ceremony and sacrifices were made to Caesar. Christians defied Nero. Lions ate Christians.

Oh, perhaps Obama won't kill those who fail to worship him properly. But he has the power to destroy lives. It's been 100 days. The honeymoon is over. The price for defying Barak Caesar will come due soon, and his Praetorians will collect brutally.

This is all just my Humble Opinion. Maybe he will be a benevolent ruler. But right now, I'm kinda glad I'm a nobody.