Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a Suspect, I Guess

In my profile, I proudly state that I am a veteran. I cannot and do not claim to be a veteran with combat experience. I've never been within 3000 miles of "action", never been under arms other than firearms familiarization in basic training, and never once put my "life on the line" for my country. I can claim that, having enlisted, I signed up for whatever my country and my service asked of me.

There are millions of veterans of whom was asked the endangerment of their lives, loss of body parts, and even their lives. Now, the Obama administration has made a point of asking more of them. The injured were being considered for a program where they would pay for their own treatment. Fortunately, the Obama administration realized the political cost would be too high, and scrapped that little fund-raiser idea. Now, the Secretary of Homeland Defense, (former governor of my state) Janet Napolitano, signed off on a report to local law enforcement saying that veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were ripe for recruitment by "right wing extremist" groups.

Some people actually fail to see the harm in this. "If they are the most likely to commit violent acts, they should be watched!" was on actual comment I read on the Fox News site. It seems obvious to me that calling groups who have differing ideology from that of the reigning administration and majority parties in both the House and Senate, is a slippery slope which may lead to suppression of free speech, even up to political imprisonment.

Napolitano graciously admitted that she really ought to apologize (someday maybe), and will meet with the leaders of veterans groups. Nevertheless, she signed off on that report to law enforcement, remember? Saying local police and sheriffs were smart to target returning combat veterans, right wing extremists, and "pro-life" radicals. Is it just me, or do left wing extremists tend to view even moderate right wing positions as "extreme"? And is it not just barely possible that the words "returning" and "from Irag and Afghanistan" could be left out of the "people to watch" profile?

I'm a former long-haul trucker. A couple of weeks ago the FBI reported that most unsolved crimes on or near highways are probably committed by truckers.

In the recent reporting of the tragic murder in Tracy, California, whose main suspect is a woman, the reporter pointed out that most murders are committed by men.

I oppose casual termination of pregnancies where other options exist, and the mothers life (NOT lifestyle!) is at risk.

I keep guns, and enjoy target shooting.

According to the Obama administration, all this makes me a suspect.

This nation is in peril, alright. And the source of that peril is the one pointing the finger.