Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sick, Sick Society

In a Tweet, I asked (rhetorically) "Is this the Soviet Union? China?" I got a reply from FakeBillClinton saying, "Clearly neither, or you would be told to SHUT THE F*** UP!" I blocked him for that because of the obscenity. I have small children. Too bad. The question he was asking was a valid one.

How can it be that I can speak freely when this country is becoming a totalitarian regime? I would have liked to have a discussion with FakeBillClinton, but, sadly, he doesn't seem to have the restraint to hold a discussion in a civilized manner. Perhaps he meant it as a slightly off-color joke. In today's society, vulgarities, no matter how obscene, are passed off as normal conversation.

FBC may not have had parents who enforced this one particular standard of etiquette, or after having reached adulthood, FBC may have just rejected any inhibition on his self-expression. People like him use vulgar language on their cell phones in crowded places, exposing school age children to their vulgar vocabularies, cheapening the language as a whole.

Venerable entertainer Bill Cosby tried to call upon "his people" to clean up their language, and was reviled for it. I recall a moment from the Hurricane Katrina disaster, where a concerned group shipped a truckload of Bibles to New Orleans. "We don't need no F***ING BIBLES!" was stated by several disappointed Louisianans, who were hoping for richer, more luxurious offerings. Some people, probably including those who sent the Bibles, were shocked. Others probably didn't notice or see anything wrong with that kind of free expression. Kinda reminds me of the guy who works at the sewage plant, saying, "After a while, you don't even notice the smell anymore."

So, it's a sick society, our kids are exposed to far too much verbal sewage, and I cut off someone rather than have a conversation. I feel like mourning.

By the way, I'm nobody. Totalitarian regimes don't come after nobodies until they've eliminated all the real threats to their power. Until then, I'm just "proof" that there is still Free Speech. The Supreme Court seems to not care that the current regime is working to silence the opposition NOW.

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