Friday, March 13, 2009

We Give Up! The Economic Collapse is Over!

President Barak Obama, today, announced that "It's not as bad as we expected," in a press conference about the economy and proposed budget. How regal. How monarchial (monarchaic?). It's as if (monarchistic?) he is allowing this country to (monarchative?) go back to how it was back in August 2008. The improved economy, in comparison (monarchival? HAH! My spell checker likes that one!!!) to the anticipated economy of the next four years, allows deficit spending on the order of $200 Billion over each of the next (monarchiastic? Hmm! My spellchecker liked that too!) 10 years, above the normal overspending. (monarchismal. monarchavistic. monarchical. Now my spellchecker is allowing everything! I think I killed it! I didn't know I could do that!)

Is it, perhaps, possible, that President Hussein--er--Obama, uses fear to accomplish his monarchitudinal agenda when dealing with the masses, but monarchialistically reverts to optimistic monarchiaginal predictions when dealing with Congress?

We are of this (Humble) opinion.


acpaul said...

I'm underwhelmed by the sarcasmic monarchasmicness of this (humble) opinion.

VinceInAZ said...

Rah-ther! May we point out that Our opinions are Humble, not "humble". We are not commoners, after all.

VinceInAZ said...

Apparently I was being conservative. Make that $900 billion over each of the next 10 years. Just under $10 trillion. And Obama has stopped saying "the crisis is over."